Director Listing

ISA is governed by a board of volunteer farmer-directors elected by the state membership. Two directors are elected from each crop reporting district. Members also vote for four at-large directors. The 22 directors meet throughout the year to develop policies and programs.

Iowa also has six farmers who serve as national directors on the American Soybean Association’s board of directors, four who serve on the United Soybean Board and one farmer representative who serves on the National Biodiesel Board.

Board President

Lindsay Greiner, President

Lindsay Greiner, Keota, raises corn, soybeans and hogs. He has farmed for more than 35 years and believes telling the story of farming is more important than ever. He believes farmers are doing a tremendous job producing food and fuel in a responsible story and they need to continue to get the message to consumers.

Executive Directors

  • Robb Ewoldt Treasurer, Exec. Committee District 6

    Robb Ewoldt, Blue Grass, raises soybeans, corn and cattle. The Ewoldts believe in educating non-farmers about agriculture and have hosted several farm tours. Other issues he’s passionate about include environmental efforts and market development.

  • Dave Walton Secretary, Exec. Committee District 6

    Dave Walton, Wilton, farms with his wife and two sons. They grow soybeans and corn, in addition to raising beef cattle and sheep. Walton is on the ISA policy advisory council, and wants to position ISA as the premiere ag organization and continue that focus not only on trade but also research.

  • Randy Miller At Large, Exec. Committee District 8

    Randy Miller, Lacona, raises soybeans, corn, hay, pigs and has a cow-calf operation. Miller believes agriculture as a whole benefits from consumers understanding and being comfortable with the use of technologies and wants the public to understand the dedication farmers have to protecting the environment.

  • Tim Bardole President Elect, Exec. Committee At Large

    Tim Bardole, Rippey, farms no-till corn and soybeans with his father and brother. He is passionate about addressing the challenges surrounding exports, demand and transportation, and keeping Iowa soybean farmers competitive.

District 1

  • Chuck White District 1

    Chuck White, Spencer, raises corn and soybeans with his father and brother. White has been involved with the ISA On-Farm Network and finds it rewarding to help producers access information to improve their operations.

  • Brent Swart District 1

    Brent farms with his brother raising soybeans and corn and has a Pioneer seed dealership. He is increasing the use of cover crops, strip-till and no-till systems. Brent was a member of the 2018 Iowa Soybean Experience Class, ISA On-Farm Network trials cooperator, ISA District Advisory Council member, American Soybean Association (ASA) 2018 Leadership College, 2009 ASA/DuPont Young Leader Program, Emmet County and Clay County 4-H Sponsor, Graettinger-Terril FFA Sponsor, Clay County Farm Safety Day sponsor, National Corn Growers Association and Farm Bureau member.

District 2

  • April Hemmes District 2

    April Hemmes, Hampton, raises corn, soybeans and hay and has farmed for 30 years. A soil and water commissioner for 20 years, Hemmes promotes the soil and nutrient-saving enhancements she uses on her farm. She also has a passion for increasing soybean markets abroad and at home.

  • Casey Schlichting District 2

    Casey Schlicting grows soybeans and corn near Clear Lake, Iowa with his wife and two children. He was elected to serve as Iowa Soybean Association’s (ISA) District 2 director in 2017.

    Casey is also involved in his District Advisory Council and many other ISA programs, such as the ISA Experience class. He has served on the Iowa Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher Committee, is a Cerro Gordo Farm Bureau Board member, was a NCGA DuPont Young Leader participant and ASA DuPont Young Leader participant and is a Five Star COOP Board Member.

    Casey says exports and crush numbers are the driving factors in farmer profitability and believes the ISA Board needs to keep delivering that message to legislators state- and nation-wide. Casey is a graduate of Waldorf University.

District 3

  • Rick Juchems District 3

    Rick Juchems, Plainfield, finishes hogs and grows soybeans and corn. An avid conservationist, Juchems has been planting cover crops for close to 10 years and encourages other farmers to try the practice.

  • Suzanne Shirbroun District 3

    Suzanne Shirbroun, Farmersburg, raises corn and soybeans. She has been heavily involved in the ISA On-Farm Network for many years and is a voice for agriculture through Iowa CommonGround. The program helps connect farm women with consumers to share the story of ag and food today.

District 4

  • LaVerne Arndt District 4

    LaVerne Arndt, Sac City, raises soybeans, corn and runs a cow-calf operation with his wife and two children. Arndt is passionate about marketing and consumer perceptions and water quality.

  • Jeff Frank District 4

    Jeff Frank grows soybeans and corn near Auburn, Iowa. He was elected to serve as Iowa Soybean Association’s (ISA) District 4 director in 2017. He is also active in his ISA District Advisory Council.

    In addition to his ISA involvement, Jeff has served as a Sac County Farm Bureau board member, received the 2014 Environmental Ag Leader Award and and was recognized as a Century Farm at the Iowa State Fair and was a 2015 Ag Leaders Program participant.

    Jeff believes the ISA board should to continue to have a strong voice in world trade and support research development of new soy products.

    Jeff and his wife, Ellen, have three children.

District 5

  • Morey Hill District 5

    Morey Hill, Madrid, has farmed for close to 40 years. His operation includes soybeans, corn, ewes and layers. Hill believes it’s important the soybean industry continues to improve and strengthen existing and emerging soybean markets, while improving our infrastructure.

  • Rolland Schnell District 5

    Rolland Schnell has been farming for 40 years and currently raises soybeans and corn with his wife, Donna, near Newton. Rolland has served as secretary for the Iowa Soybean Association for three years and has also been involved with the ISA advisory council. He is chair of the ISA information and education committee. He is also a past SCE co-op board member.

    Rolland has been recognized as a leader in area conservation and environmental efforts. He received the 2012 Iowa Farm Environmental Award and was honored with the Outstanding Conservation Farm Award from the Jasper County Soil and Water Conservation District in 2009.

District 7

  • Jeff Jorgenson District 7

    Jeff Jorgenson, Sidney, raises corn and soybeans and has a cow-calf herd. Jorgenson has previously served as treasurer for the Iowa Soybean Association Board of Directors and is passionate about water quality and soil conservation.

  • Bill Shipley District 7

    Bill started farming 37 years ago and currently raises soybeans, corn, alfalfa and hogs with his wife, Diane, on their farm near Nodaway. He’s been involved with the Iowa Soybean Association and Iowa Corn Growers Association and has served as chairman of the Adams County Soil & Water Conservation District. Bill has also been involved with the Adams County Conservation board, FFA and Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church.

    An issue that Bill feels must be addressed is the nation’s infrastructure, which is deteriorating at an alarming rate. In order for the U.S. to remain a reliable source for soybeans around the world, investments must be made in the country’s roads, bridges, locks and dams.

District 8

  • Warren Bachman District 8

    Warren Bachman, Osceola, has farmed for more than 50 years. He raises corn and soybeans and utilizes conservation practices such as terraces, contour farming, minimum tillage and no-till. He is also passionate about improving infrastructure in order to keep soybean farmers competitive.

District 9

  • Pat Swanson District 9

    Pat Swanson, Ottumwa, with her husband and brother-in-law, raises soybeans, corn and hay in addition to running a cow-calf operation. Swanson also runs a crop and livestock insurance business. Swanson has been involved in the ISA District Advisory Council, the Iowa Food & Family Project, as well as hosting ISA legislative updates.

  • Tom Adam District 9

    Tom Adam farms near Harper, Iowa. He grows soybeans, corn, wheat, oats, and hay and finishes cattle on 800 acres. He was elected to serve as Iowa Soybean Association’s (ISA) District 9 director in 2017. Tom served six years on the Farmers Co-op Association Board and served as a township trustee in Keokuk County. Tom says farmers face a huge challenge in remaining profitable while also working to reach the desired results as set-forth by the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy. To help in addressing this problem, he believes the ISA board should increase support toward the development of soy-based aquaculture feed rations to replace expensive fishmeal products that are in short supply worldwide. Also, the board should continue its work with the On-Farm Network to attain the goals of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Tom is a graduate of the University of Iowa with a degree in finance. He and his wife, Mary Beth, have four children.

At Large

  • Steph Essick At Large

    Steph Essick, Dickens, raises corn, soybeans and hay with her father. Essick has been an advocate for agriculture through the Iowa CommonGround program which share stories about living and working in agriculture.

  • Brent Renner At Large

    Brent Renner, Klemme, farms soybeans, corn, alfalfa and hogs. Renner is passionate about finding innovative and environmentally-sound farming practices that produce more soybean bushels for less. Renner runs a cash crop alfalfa business and does some custom work with his hay equipment and sprayer.