Jeff Jorgenson

President, District 7

Jeff Jorgenson farms near Sidney in Fremont County, Iowa and serves as President for the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA). He grows soybeans, corn, hay and manages 180 cow-calf pairs.

Farming for 22 years, Jorgenson focuses on farming efficiency. He works to get the most out of each acre for the highest rate of return, while also balancing the sustainability of soil and water management. He implements cover crops, reduced and no-tillage and buffer strips on his varying topography. Jorgenson prides himself on using his livestock operation to complement his crop yields and maximize resource efficiency.

Jorgenson has traveled to several countries as an ISA leader including Brazil, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Costa Rica. He values the opportunity to see how other countries use U.S. soy and to use that information to increase soybean exports to other trading partners. A strong advocate for the farmer, Jorgenson enjoys doing the behind-the-scenes work to help farmers get what they need to be more competitive.

Jorgenson and his wife, Jennifer have three boys.