Soy Leaders Network

The Soy Leaders Network (SLN) offers new engagement opportunities designed to keep you informed on industry news, join exclusive events, network with fellow farmers and other industry professionals, and further promote the soybean industry.

Farmers learning more about soybeans at SLN meeting

Participants of ISA’s Soy Leaders Network will have the chance to engage with ISA through in-person and virtual opportunities. We know not every opportunity will work for everyone – that’s why SLN will offer a series of events giving farmers the option to join when it best fits their interests and schedule, including:

  • Access to lunch and learn webinars on emerging issues and topics;
  • Invites to exclusive events and tours;
  • In-person summer lunch meetings;
  • Virtual winter sessions; and more.

Interested in joining the Soy Leaders Network?

Fill out the application below! Contact our Producer Services Team for more information or assistance.