Warren Bachman

District 8 Director

Warren Bachman farms near Osceola in Clark County, Iowa. He has farmed for more than 50 years and currently grows soybeans and corn with son. 

Bachman utilizes no-till, cover crops, contour farming, terraces and waterways to promote soil and water health on his land. 

Passionate about growing safe and sustainable food, Bachman enjoys connecting with consumers and growing a product they want to purchase. 

Proud to deliver a safe product to people outside the U.S., Bachman valued his time in Europe where he spoke with other farmers and soybean buyers. He learned how production sentiments can influence the way a crop is grown. 

Bachman is also involved in the Iowa Farm Bureau and served as a past vice president. He is also a past president of Clark County Old Iron, an organization promoting antique tractors.