ISA Experience

In 2015, nine soybean farmer leaders participated in a pilot project with the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA). This group of leaders helped create a unique program called the ISA Experience that is part association understanding, part opportunity surfacing, part industry insight and a whole lot of networking building. We want you to be involved with and benefit from this program! 

The class is open to any Iowa soybean farmer or anyone working in the ag industry. Participants must be 21 years of age or over. Costs of meals and lodging will be covered by ISA.

What will you take away from the Experience Class?

  • Understanding of how the soy checkoff works and how the ISA 22-farmer member board directs funds;
  • Connections with state and national soy industry partners, including the American Soybean Association, United Soybean Board, U.S. Soybean Export Council, Soy Transportation Coalition and more;
  • Connections to ISA resources;
  • Knowledge of ISA policy development and directives;
  • Networking opportunities with industry partners and ISA supporters;
  • Relationships with current and veteran ISA leaders.

2022 Schedule

     Class 1:      February 16-17th, Ankeny


Learn about ISA Research Center for Farming Innovation, including a tour of the ISA water lab and how we service farmers with water samples. Stay for an evening program with the ISA District Advisory Council and the ISA Leadership staff where you can have all your questions answered about ISA and the soybean industry. Stay overnight on behalf of ISA and join us the next day for the ISA Innovation to Profit Conference. 

     Class 2:      March 22nd, Ankeny


This session will showcase the Information & Education Department at ISA. We will learn about our consumer facing programs and learn how to effectively interact with media and tell your ag story. 

     Class 3:      June 7-8th, Newton & Des Moines


Meet us in downtown Des Moines where we will learn about the ISA’s policy, for the farmer, by the farmer. You will have the opportunity to meet with legislators and tour the Iowa State Capitol.  Stay overnight and head to Newton the next day where we will cover all things demand, including, new uses of soybeans, global markets, outlook of soy demands, and biofuels. We will then tour REG’s biodiesel facility.

     Class 4:      July 20th, Alexander, IA


Learn more about ISA’s national affiliates from the farmer’s who represent you by serving on the national boards. Wrap up the day with a tour of Latham Hi-Tech Seeds and network with their executives.

     Class 5:      August 24-26th, Atlanta, IN


ISA is proud to partner with many organizations to better serve soybean farmers. We are excited to take you on a trip to Atlanta, Indiana to attend Becknology Days at the Beck’s Hybrid’s headquarters with members ISA’s District Advisory Council. While the trip will be very educational, there will be plenty of chances for fun and fellowship along the way! 


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Interested in participating in the 2022 ISA Experience?
Applications are due by February 4th, 2022. Contact our Producer Services Team for more information or assistance.

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