Public Affairs

We are driven to leverage non-checkoff resources to develop and secure local, state and national policies and regulations that allow you and the industry to flourish. While you're busy running your operation, our Public Affairs team is where you can’t be to make, shape, implement or fight commonsense laws and regulations that impact your farming operation. We...

  1. Convene and lead state policy staff interaction for idea sharing and generation across the soy family.
  2. Deliver timely and relevant policy news and analysis through our email updates.
  3. Streamline grassroots policy development process, delegate engagement and policy presence to ensure Iowa’s soybean farmers’ voices are heard.

Recent State Work

  • Provided leadership and submitted comments to an Iowa House Ways and Means subcommittee and an Iowa Senate Ag subcommittee in support of Iowa Biofuel Standard Legislation proposed by Governor Reynolds that expands the use of biofuels grown and produced in Iowa. The proposed legislation would create an additional 108 million bushels of soybean demand for Iowa farmers over the next five years. Iowa farmers grew just over 500 million bushels of soybeans last year. For biodiesel, the legislation calls for fuel specifications that will increase demand of higher biofuel blends such as B20 and E15, thus improving the quality of the fuel supply. By reforming existing biofuel tax credits, this legislation provides significant sources of revenue for the underfunded, overutilized Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program (RFIP). 
  • Serving as a consistent and reliable source of information, data and policy analysis for Governor’s office, IDALS and other principal agencies and organizations.  
  • Receptive and responsive to farmer impacts and needs in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak; advocating for easement of truck weight limits and hours-of-service regulations to protect the agricultural supply chain during Plant 2020.  
  • Working to secure long-term, dedicated conservation and water quality funding to protect natural resources and farmer livelihoods for generations to come.  
  • As renewable fuel policies evolve and consumers seek more efficient fuel sources, biodiesel will continue to play an important role, much to the benefit of the Iowa soybean farmer. ISA is prioritizing farmers and rural communities by protecting the federal RFS from unlawful attacks that stunt future growth of the biodiesel industry and shortchange soybean farmers. With the fate of the federal RFS program unknown, the ISA (with support from the Iowa Biodiesel Board) is leading statewide legislation that would significantly increase the demand for Iowa-grown soybeans and soy oil.   

Recent Federal Work

  • When the Covid-19 pandemic brought unforeseen challenges to Iowa agriculture, ISA was quick to mobilize and lead statewide efforts to elevate soybean farmer interests. ISA launched an effort to ensure imminent funding needs, transportation, and supply chain issues were recognized, considered, and met. 
  • ISA is growing and securing soybean trade opportunities and wins while guiding agreement implementation, ex. the Phase 1 trade deal with China and the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The ISA helped farmers avert an economic disaster in recent years by proving the need for federal assistance to offset the negative price impacts of trade disputes; successfully advocating for MFP payments of $1.65 per bushel in 2018 and up to $90 per acre in 2019. The Covid-19 pandemic and decimation of Chinese hog herds by ASF led to slow soybean exports in 2020. However, as we navigate a new year, orders are mounting and being fulfilled, with optimism that global purchasing will remain strong. 
  • The ISA has long been and will continue to be your champion for a science and evidence-based regulatory system. When the EPA vacated three key product [dicamba] registrations overnight, ISA led an immediate and decisive effort to keep the crop protection tools available at the peak of the 2020 growing season. 

ISA regularly publishes stories outlining these policy developments and our efforts surrounding them. Stay up-to-date on the latest policy news impacting your operation by visiting the ISA newsroom.

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