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We are driven to leverage non-checkoff resources to develop and secure local, state and national policies and regulations that allow you and the industry to flourish. While you're busy running your operation, our Public Affairs team is where you can’t be to make, shape, implement or fight commonsense laws and regulations that impact your farming operation. We...

  1. Convene and lead state policy staff interaction for idea sharing and generation across the soy family.
  2. Deliver timely and relevant policy news and analysis through our email updates.
  3. Streamline grassroots policy development process, delegate engagement and policy presence to ensure Iowa’s soybean farmers’ voices are heard.

Recent State Work

  • ISA, and the Iowa Biodiesel Board, alongside hundreds of farmers, Advocate members, and industry partners, successfully supported and helped deliver the governor-backed Iowa Biofuel Access Bill. The legislation builds upon the state’s existing and successful suite of tax credits encourages the sale of higher blends of biodiesel through an incentive-based approach. The bill also expands E15 access across the state and makes significant investments in cost-share opportunities for fuel retailers to upgrade biofuel infrastructure.
  • ISA successfully supported the All-Systems Weight Permit (SF 2376) which establishes a new 90,000-pound all-systems permit for overweight vehicles on non-interstate highways year-round, not just during planting and harvesting seasons. (Effective Jan. 2023)
  • ISA successfully supported the MRNT Calculator Appropriation (SF 5153) which allocates $1 million for FY23 to update the maximum return to nitrogen (MRTN) modeling for fertilizer management. This continued research will modernize nitrogen fertilizer recommendations for corn production across the state.
  • On behalf of Iowa soybean farmers, ISA will continue serving as a consistent and reliable source of information, data and policy analysis for the governor’s office, IDALS and other principal agencies and organizations; working to secure long-term, dedicated conservation and water quality funding to protect natural resources and farmer livelihoods for generations to come.
  • As renewable fuel policies evolve and consumers seek more efficient and home-grown fuel sources, biodiesel will continue to play an important role, much to the benefit of the Iowa soybean farmer. ISA is prioritizing farmers and rural communities by protecting the federal RFS from unlawful attacks that stunt future growth of the biodiesel industry and shortchange soybean farmers. 

Recent Federal Work

  • ISA is continuing to weigh in on several federal issues of importance to Iowa soybean farmers, including: 2023 Farm Bill, Proposed SEC Climate Risk Disclosure Rule, WOTUS (Waters of the United States), Biodiesel Tax Credit, Climate/Carbon Marketplace Development, Tax Issues, Skyrocketing Input Costs, and Implementation of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework.
  • ISA is continuing to advocate for an updated soybean farm safety net, increasing the soybean reference price for calculating ARC and PLC and providing the option to update base acres.
  • The ISA has long been and will continue to be your champion for a science and evidence-based regulatory system. 
  • ISA’s monitoring this year’s election cycle to identify new policymaker education and outreach opportunities at the state and federal level. 

ISA regularly publishes stories outlining these policy developments and our efforts surrounding them. Stay up-to-date on the latest policy news impacting your operation by visiting the ISA newsroom.

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