About the Research Center for Farming Innovation

The Iowa Soybean Association’s (ISA) Research Center for Farming Innovation launched in 2020. The goal: to deliver the very best farmer-led research combining agronomic, conservation and analytics tailored for soybean farmers. The Center integrates what were the On-Farm Network, Environmental Programs and Services and Analytics programs to better serve Iowa’s 40,000 soybean growers.

As a credible, trustworthy, and reliable resource for farmers, our team works at the intersection of cropping system solutions, data and spatial science analytics, and outcome-based natural resource management. We are driven to deliver innovative research, tools, and technical support to assist farmers when considering big picture management decisions for short- and long-term sustainability and profitability. We actively work to engage farmers by taking this holistic approach at developing systems and practices to help you maximize your overall operation, one acre at a time!

“Our expertise, experience, expansive data sets and farmer-focused approach are unique in providing value to Iowa soybean farmers because of the investment made by Iowa soybean farmers. We’re uniquely positioned to deliver innovative and transformational research, tools and technical assistance that can only be found at the Center. We’re excited about the future and enabling farmers to thrive despite the challenges and uncertainties that accompany every growing season,” says ISA Sr. Research Director Ed Anderson.

This holistic approach to soybean research is about developing systems and practices that are more profitable, resilient and sustainable. Soybean farmers wanting to boost profitability through improved data, information and decision tools related to agronomics and conservation have a team at the ready to help make the most of every acre and growing season. This new approach to production and conservation research brings greater value by tailoring data for the unique geographic and agronomic settings of each operation.

“There’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. Each farm has unique circumstances that require an individualized plan of action. We are positioned to deliver insights and recommendations for agronomy, conservation, natural resource management, engineering and data analytics for the individual farmer," says former ISA President and Rippey soybean farmer Tim Bardole.  

The Research Center for Farming Innovation also:

  • Leverages soybean checkoff investments with additional non-checkoff sources;
  • Strengthens partner relationships with Iowa State University’s Soybean Research Center and the Iowa Nutrient Research Center;
  • Collaborates with other farm and commodity organizations, state and local agencies and companies engaged in seed, crop protection, precision and digital agriculture; and
  • Broadly accelerates farming advances for profitability and sustainability.

The Center is poised to assist farmers considering big picture operational decisions for short- and long-term profitability with a suite of research and decision-making tools. ISA researchers help farmers take a programmatic approach to continuously improve their overall operations with an eye on maximizing economic returns.