About the Research Center for Farming Innovation

The Iowa Soybean Association’s (ISA) Research Center for Farming Innovation's (RCFI) goal is to deliver the very best farmer-led research combining agronomic, conservation and analytics tailored for soybean farmers so that they can implement results and improve their operation.

Why work with the Research Center for Farming Innovation?

Unique Focus

Our focus is unique in the industry. We are driven to improve farmer profitability and stewardship; it's not about us, it’s about the farmer.

Unbiased Source of Scientifically Valid Information

ISA research contains holistic integration of all areas of crop management and stewardship. We go where the data takes us whether it sells a system or not.

Access to Latest Advances in Technology

We are often the first source of new technology and inputs for farmers to trial.

Advanced Analytics and Methods

Our analysis of on-farm data is world class and our methodology has been proven and refined by years of experience. Our on-farm strip trial research started in 2005, and continues to deliver valuable information and insights to farmers. Competitors may offer similar expertise, but no one is more advanced than us.

Access to a Large Network of Expertise

We have a large farmer base as well as many contacts with industry on all the major products and technologies along with close associations with Iowa State University and other organizations.

Research Agronomy

Research agronomists conduct coordinated, state-wide on-farm trials to generate valuable insights that are shared with Iowa farmers.

They collaborate with conservation agronomists, farmers and other researchers to understand and share results to enable each farmer to advance toward their productivity, profitability, and sustainability goals. Contact your research agronomist through the team page or submit an interest form and have our team reach out to you.

Conservation Agronomy

Conservation agronomists serve Iowa farmers and landowners by helping identify, plan and implement proven water quality and soil conservation practices along with agronomic expertise to ensure that productivity and profitability are enhanced.

They deliver conservation opportunities by providing technical insights and help to connect farmers with other supporting opportunities such as financial assistance programs. Contact your nearest conservation agronomist through our team page or submit an interest form and have our team reach out to you.

Analytics and Insights

The analytics team generates insights from on-farm research and conservation trials. They report results of on-farm strip trials, develop interactive tools, and provide economic analysis of management practices to equip farmers with relevant information to assist in decision making on their farm. Start using the research tools here.

Conservation Programming

This team provides support for project planning, development and implementation activities for continual improvement of soil, water and habitat resource management practices, aligning with farmer/landowner goals.

Conservation programming specifically includes conservation agronomy, watershed planning, design and installation support of oxbow wetlands, saturated buffers, bioreactors, pollinator habitat plantings, water management and drainage system solutions, water monitoring design, collection, and analysis. Contact any member of the team through our team page.