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Improve your farming operation and the soybean industry by getting involved with the Research Center for Farming Innovation (RCFI).

Whether you're ready to participate in a trial or would like to know more about what RCFI can offer, you're in the right place. RCFI goes where the data takes them and provides it to you whether it sells a system or not.

Additional opportunities

North Raccoon Soil and Water Outcomes

The North Raccoon Partnership for Soil and Water Outcomes brings together upstream and downstream interests to reduce nutrient loss and improve water quality in the North Raccoon Watershed.

Establishing a practice

Financial assistance and conservation planning support is available for farmers and landowners looking to integrate the following practices:

  • Cover crops
  • Residue and tillage management, no till
  • Denitrifying bioreactor
  • Saturated buffer
  • Oxbow wetland restoration
  • Constructed wetland

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Request for Research Proposals

Each year the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) seeks soybean research proposals for funding. The ISA Board will fund research projects that address their goals to increase soybean farmer competitiveness, especially through increased productivity and profitability while improving environmental stewardship.

ISA will fund both applied and basic research, as well as Extension & Outreach, that will provide short- and long-term practical benefits to Iowa’s soybean farmers.

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NCSRP Survey for Profitable Soy Management

Knowing what works on your farm is priceless.

RCFI is part of a multi-state effort to collect management data on soybean fields through a NCSRP survey using production data from farmers' fields.

The goal is to utilize the information from the survey to develop a new online cropping system optimization decision tool that will help farmers make decisions that are more profitable.

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ISA Research and Conservation Data Privacy and Use Policy

To view the full data privacy and use policy, click here.