Marty Danzer

District 4 Director

Marty Danzer farms near Carrol, Iowa and serves as a district 4 director for the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA). He grows soybeans, corn, oats and hay and manages a 60-head cow-calf operation. HE farms with his wife, son and son-in-law. 

Farming for 40 years, Danzer understands the importance of conserving his natural resources. He practices no-till, implements cover crops, manure management, terraces, waterways and enrolls land in the Conservation Reserve Program. 

Danzer feels most passionate about being a steward of the land and using his livestock to achieve self-sustainability. Farming since he was 14-year-old, Danzer has learned patience and the value of doing something right the first time. He enjoys the challenges that come with farming and the decision-making skills required to endure challenging times. 

A newly elected director in 2019, Danzer has seen first-hand how soybean exports work by traveling to Port of Washington at Gray’s Harbor to see agricultural transportation up close. He noted the value of efficiently moving soybeans and the importance of expanding trade with other countries. He also found value in learning about biodiesel and how the northeastern U.S. is using soy-based bioheat in their homes. 

Danzer is also a member of his local Pork Producers and Farm Bureau and served on his county board of supervisors for 16 years.