Soy Transportation Coalition

The Soy Transportation Coalition (STC), which is headquartered out of the Iowa Soybean Association in Ankeny, is comprised of thirteen state soybean boards, the American Soybean Association, and the United Soybean Board.

The thirteen participating states encompass 85% of total U.S. soybean production. STC's goal is to position soybean industry stakeholders to benefit from a transportation system that delivers cost effective, reliable, and competitive service.

Coalition Objectives
  • Seek a cost effective transportation system for soy shippers and customers.

  • Seek reliable transportation service for soy shippers and customers.

  • Work to ensure the U.S. transportation system has the infrastructure and capacity necessary for the long term competitiveness of the soybean industry.

  • Build and maintain collaborative relationships.

  • Ensure the soybean industry understands the impact of transportation issues on their profitability and competitiveness.

STC Staff

Mike Steenhoek

Executive Director

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Jill Kolars

Project Coordinator

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