Dave Walton

District 6 Director

Dave Walton farms near Wilton in Southeast Iowa and serves as district 6 director for the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) board of directors. He grows soybeans, corn, commercial hay and manages beef cattle with his father, son, and wife, Paula.

Fifteen years ago, Walton slowly began implementing no-till and other conservation efforts as a cost and labor savings, but soon realized the environmental benefits. He is now growing cover crops and uses terraces, grass waterways, and forage on land not suitable for crops. He also grazes his cattle on certain cover crop acres.

A longtime advocate for diverse soybean uses, Walton is vocal about biodiesel and is proud to run all of his personal and farming equipment with the homegrown soybean-based fuel. Walton has traveled far and wide promoting U.S. soy, but is especially fond of a trade mission to the Philippines where he spoke with soybean buyers and realized the privilege and responsibility of providing a healthy feedstuff for the country. Walton previously served as an at-large director on ISA’s executive committee and is also a director for the American Soybean Association. He also serves on the governing board of the National Biodiesel Board.