Through the Lens: Calving and Lambing Season

  • Release Date: April 9th, 2020

Livestock farmers know the show must go on no matter what's happening in the world. In this episode of "Through the Lens", ISA's Joe Murphy takes us to Milo, Albia and Wilton, to give us a glimpse of the circle of life only a farm can provide. Tag along with Duane Ohnemous, Bryan Reed and Dave Walton to see the circle of life in action.

The State of Soy: Season 2, Episode 4

This month features true soybean visionaries, from Iowa's American Soybean Association past presidents – Ron Heck, Ray Gaesser and Marlyn Jorgenson, to the CEOs of the United Soybean Board, American Soybean Association and U.S. Soybean Export Council. Also in this edition, enjoy a conversation with Joe Merschman, President and CEO of Merschman Seeds. He touches on the importance of quality seed, freedom to operate and the work of the Iowa Soybean Association. And, during a time of uncertainty, see firsthand how calving and lambing season on Iowa's farms is business as usual in this edition of Through the Lens of ISA's Joe Murphy.


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