Paul Mussman on the markets

  • Release Date: January 8th, 2020
  • Topic: Soybean marketing
  • Guests: President of AgWest Commodities Paul Mussman

President of AgWest Commodities Paul Mussman shares tips for soybean marketing and profitable decision making amidst a challenging economy.

The State of Soy: Season 2, Episode 1

The inaugural episode of season two includes commodity pricing strategies from Paul Mussman of AgWest Commodities, updates on U.S.-China trade relations courtesy of ISA Director of Market Development Grant Kimberley, details on a new program to reward farmers for conservation efforts and tips from a northwest Iowa farmer for growing 102-bushel-per-acre soybeans. Each episode ends with a look through the lens of ISA’s Joe Murphy, celebrating stunning photography of soybean growers, rural communities and soybean news. This first episode gives viewers a look back at 2019’s tragedies and triumphs.


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