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Iowa Soybean Association leader, family recognized as Wergin Good Farm Neighbors

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Robb and Jennifer Ewoldt were recognized as Wergin Good Farm Neighbors this week at their farm in Davenport on Tuesday. The award recognizes Iowa livestock farmers who take pride in caring for the environment, their livestock and being good neighbors. It is named in memory of Gary Wergin, a long-time WHO Radio farm broadcaster who helped create the award.

“The Ewoldt family is a leader in implementing practices that make them good stewards of the land and caretakers of their livestock,” said Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, who presented the award to the family. “Robb and Jennifer are involved in their community while working towards improving their farm, making them a deserving recipient of the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award.”

In the past year, the Ewoldts have installed a bioreactor and invested in an increased amount of cover crop acres. They often mentor other farmers and encourage the adoption of land stewardship practices, including filter strips and cover crops.

The family was nominated for the award by Amy Nelson, a friend and community member in Scott County.

“This farm is a perfect description of a family in action,” writes Nelson. “In every area of family and farm life they exemplify good neighbors.”

In addition to their environmental strides, the Ewoldts invite the community out to their farm once per year to show people how they operate. Off the farm, both Robb and Jennifer participate in various communications activities to better tell the story of agriculture. Reaching consumers, caring for livestock, the land and their neighbors are all part of a day’s work for the Eastern Iowa farmers.

“It is an honor. You just never think you’re the right person to receive the award because you’re doing things that come natural,” said Robb. “It’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

Good Farm Neighbor: Ewoldt Family
Good Farm Neighbor: Ewoldt Family

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