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Iowa Soybean Association applauds signing of new farm bill

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The Iowa Soybean Association applauds today’s signing of a new farm bill, will provide farmers more certainty during turbulent financial times. (Photo: Joseph L. Murphy/Iowa Soybean Association)

Statement courtesy of ISA President Lindsay Greiner who grows soybeans near Keota, Iowa.

The Iowa Soybean Association applauds today’s signing of a new farm bill.

This is an important day for Iowa and our country. Food security is essential to national security. The farm bill enables farmers to prepare for a new crop year with greater certainty and benefits to consumers.

The bill provides much-needed risk management tools for farmers so they remain competitive amidst a distressed agricultural economy. It also comes at a crucial time for farmers who are facing a prolonged period of poor market conditions, extreme weather and an ongoing trade dispute.

We welcome the additional funding for the Foreign Market Development (FMD) program and Market Access Program (MAP). This funding is critical at a time of suppressed global market demand for Iowa and U.S. soybean farmers. We must do everything we can to increase market share with current trading partners while developing new relationships and soybean demand.

The bill also advances the bipartisan-led Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) Improvement Act. It will incentivize rural and urban partnerships to increase adoption of practices improving soil health and water quality. An increase in the enrollment cap for the Conservation Reserve Program will also benefit farmers.

Iowa and U.S. farmers excel at producing safe, quality food. The new farm bill is a crucial tool to maintaining our productivity to the benefit of our communities, country and trading partners.

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