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February forums yield farmer insights

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ISA members Dave Struthers, Craig Fleishman and Dan DeVries converse at the Research & Results Forum in Ankeny. (Photo: Joseph L. Murphy/Iowa Soybean Association)

By Lauren Houska, ISA digital media manager

Iowa soybean farmers got a jump-start on their 2020 crop year by attending one of four Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) Research & Results Forums across the state during February.  

“The ISA research team and the farmers we work with learned a lot during the challenging 2019 growing season,” said Ed Anderson, ISA's director of research. “These forums were an opportunity to present the results and information to farmers seeking to improve their operations.”

More than 120 ISA members, researchers and industry partners engaged with ISA staff at a Research & Results Forum in either Storm Lake, Red Oak, Washington or Ankeny. ISA staff and attendees conversed, learned and prepared to make the most of the upcoming growing season through greater productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Conversational and interactive discussions at the forums showcased:

  • New nitrogen management tools
  • Results from an in-depth analysis of conservation practices
  • Merits of growing late-season soybean varieties early in the season
  • Effective management of fundamental problems in soybean production

New this year, attendees also received an update on the latest policy news out of Des Moines and Washington, D.C.

ISA member Chris Gaesser shares what he found valuable for his operation with fellow farmers and ISA staff. (Photo: Aaron Putze/Iowa Soybean Association)

Farmer feedback

ISA members from around the state shared a little bit about what they learned and how they plan to put the information to work on their farms:

“I plan to use this information to be more profitable and economically sustainable in my operation,” said Dave Struthers, a Collins soybean farmer who attended the forum in Ankeny.

“Knowledge like this from ISA can help me to continuously improve my operation,” said Dan DeVries, a Prairie City soybean farmer who also attended the Ankeny forum.

“I am already involved with ISA research trials, so I plan to utilize this information to implement additional trials on my fields and keep learning,” said Clarksville soybean farmer Keith Lovrien, who also attended the Ankeny forum. 

“ISA’s research tools will allow me to better analyze the profitability of certain treatments,” said Bret Seipold, a Hastings soybean farmer who attended the forum in Red Oak.

“Understanding ISA’s methods and results can help me better my own research,” said Lenox soybean farmer Chris Gaesser, who also attended the Red Oak forum.

“I will be utilizing ISOFAST (Interactive Summaries of On-Farm Strip Trials) in the future to better understand the economics of certain products and practices,” said Dwight Hobson, a Hancock soybean farmer who also attended the Red Oak forum.

“The unbiased nature of ISA’s research will help me to make better, more informed agronomy decisions,” said Bloomfield soybean farmer Kevin Prevo, who attended the forum in Washington.

The valuable information and data offered at the forum in Storm Lake were also beneficial to Rockwell City farmer Randy Souder and Ruthven soybean farmer Melvin Molitor. Read what they had to say and learn more about the information presented here.

Ed Anderson, ISA’s director of research, addresses attendees and explains how ISA is driven to deliver value to farmers. (Photo: Aaron Putze/Iowa Soybean Association)

ISA is “Driven To Deliver”

Farmer input and innovation is at the core of the work done within ISA's Research Center for Farming Innovation. ISA is “Driven To Deliver” profitable agronomic, conservation and analytics outcomes that contribute to the short and long-term vitality of farmers and communities.

“Providing unbiased, scientific information on agronomic and environmental practices, we strive to help Iowa soybean farmers make informed decisions,” Anderson said. “The conversations that took place at each forum are incredibly valuable to our team and will help us tailor our offerings for future projects, trials and programs.”

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