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On-Farm Network®

The On-Farm Network collaborates with the other ISA research teams, university researchers, industry and government organizations on a wide variety of topics aligned with issues farmers care about, including pest and nutrient management, planting populations and cover crops among many others. These relationships allow the On-Farm Network to provide data as a trusted third-party source to enhance farmers’ management decisions in efforts to improve profitability and environmental stewardship.

Environmental Programs and Services (EPS)

The Environmental Programs and Services team is action oriented, science and data driven and geared to help farmers with decision making. EPS’s primary strategy is to improve natural resource management practices and environmental quality, while also improving the competitiveness of Iowa soybean farmers. The team features experts in watershed planning, water monitoring, conservation planning and conservation drainage.


The Analytics team works closely with the other two ISA research teams to analyze the collected data and turn it into information that can improve farmer decision making. They also work with external partners to help improve the data farmers receive in the areas of image calibration, nitrogen efficiency and others.

Production Research

ISA supports improving soybean productivity by investing checkoff funds and collaborating with external organizations to leverage soybean research. These partners represent academia and industry, as well as regional groups such as the North Central Soybean Research Program and national research groups including the United Soybean Board. These projects allow money to be leveraged across multiple states for greater results. An integral part of this section is the Iowa Soybean Research Center at Iowa State University. This center, started in 2015, focuses both ISA and ISU resources on improving the profitability of Iowa soybean farmers.