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Our members answer: Why ISA?


"We’re always trying to learn, and that’s a great way to take in a bunch of data. A lot of these are randomized trials you can get a lot of good pertinent data out of them. Maybe the data is not pertinent to your area, but it gets you good idea on something that will work or not. In my eyes that alone is worth the checkoff."

Tony Lem

On-Farm Field Trial Participant


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"For me, farming is the complete package. You’re the chief marketing officer, the chief technology officer and you have to know agronomy and science. You must be good at purchasing, seeding your crops, business planning, risk management and more; that makes it interesting for me."

Marc Schneider

Communication Squad Participant


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"I went into the program thinking, ‘this doesn’t really make a lot of sense’ but by the end, I realized the Iowa Soybean Association isn’t just about politics. It’s actually people who care about the farmer. It’s pretty cool to learn about the work being done to achieve better soybean yields and grow marketing for biofuels."

Aidin Dittmer

Soy Squad Participant


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"On average, the general population is at least three generations removed from the farm. It could be fair to say most people do not know a farmer who they can ask a question. With CommonGround, we put a face to the female farmers who are providing food on consumers’ tables while serving as a resource for information."

Amber Kohlhaas

CommongGround Participant


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"Policy Leaders Fellowship got me hooked, and I plan on staying involved in one way, shape or form. I’ve enjoyed being in PLF because you gain an understanding of how policy starts, how important it is, and the ways that farmers voice their opinions and talk to their associations."

Neil Krummen

Policy Leaders Fellowship Participant

Linn Grove

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"The field trial data on the Iowa Soybean Association’s website is a hidden secret. There is a lot of good information there. It’s all very educational."

Steve McGrew

Advocate for Research Tools


Discover research results.

"I've met a lot of good people that have gone through the Corteva Young Leader program in previous years and have had conversations about how they have become more involved in the Iowa Soybean Association."

Alexandra Miller

Corteva Young Leader Participant


Apply for the Corteva Young Leader program.

"Working with the Soil and Water Outcomes Fund allowed us to take our conservation efforts to a larger scale. My advice to farmers who are considering this opportunity: Don’t be afraid to try. There is no downside."

Nick Hermanson

Soil and Water Outcomes Fund Participant

Story City

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Delivering ag awareness to consumers statewide

The latest issue showcases how the Soil and Water Outcomes Fund brings farmers and large corporations together to advance sustainability goals, introduces readers to a family with a rich history of raising cattle and producing beef, and explores how farmers and industry experts use pest control solutions to protect Iowa’s crops.

Readers are invited to visit a great Iowa community with a passion for agriculture and its residents and enjoy a small-town restaurant committed to serving high-quality food and creating connections.

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About Soybeans in Iowa


Average soybean yield per acre in Iowa

Average soybean yield per acre in Iowa from 2012-2021

Iowa soybean farmers grow nearly 14% of the nation's soybeans, ranking second in the nation for overall production.

Learn more about how they're grown and used.