Research Results

Trial Results

The On-Farm Network works with farmers across Iowa to conduct trials on their farms which allows them to learn firsthand what does and does not work for their operation. The aggregate and anonymous individual data is available in the database for all farmers to benefit from.

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Water Monitoring Results

Data collected through ISA’s water monitoring programs is used to develop information for farmers, water quality partners and stakeholders. The information also is used to develop and fine-tune the performance of conservation practices, such as bioreactors. Additionally, ISA staff incorporate water monitoring data into scientific papers.

Late-Season Annual Surveys of Corn Nitrogen Status

The On-Farm Network and Environmental Programs and Services have been conducting annual surveys of corn nitrogen status using late-season aerial imagery and corn stalk nitrate tests. When possible, the sampling locations are paired with water monitoring to maximize the benefit to farmers.

The results from individual locations are available in the online database.

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