Photo Credit: Ohio Soybean Council

(Left to right): OSC chairman Bill Bateson, STC Executive Director Mike Steenhoek, and OSC Executive Director Kirk Merritt. (Photo Credit: Ohio Soybean Council)

Soy Transportation Coalition recognized for industry and soybean farmer contributions 

December 15, 2021 | Brock Johnston

Soybean farmers rely on a cost effective, reliable and competitive transportation system to move their crops from the farm to end users whether they are down the road or around the world.  That’s why the Soy Transportation Coalition (STC) was established in 2007.  

Since then, STC has been a voice nationally and in the 13 states which comprise its board. Also supported by the American Soybean Association and the United Soybean Board, STC works to improve soy transportation and increase the use of soy in products like soy-based asphalt sealant.  

For these efforts, the Ohio Soybean Council recently recognized STC with the “2021 Outstanding Achievement Award”. The award recognizes individuals and organizations who have demonstrated significant contributions to the Ohio soybean industry and have expanded opportunities for the state’s soybean farmers. 

“The Soy Transportation Coalition has worked for over a decade to ensure U.S. soybeans have a reliable and cost-effective transportation system. I previously served on their board and was completely blown away by breadth and depth of their work,” said Jeff Magyar, Ohio Soybean Council chairman and soybean farmer. “In Ohio, we have continuously seen the benefits of the work STC does so they were an obvious choice to receive our Outstanding Achievement Award for 2021.” 

Farmer-led organizations like the Ohio Soybean Council make the STC a success, says Mike Steenhoek, executive director of the Soybean Transportation Coalition. Steenhoek accepted the award on behalf of STC. 

“I sincerely appreciate the recognition from the Ohio Soybean Council,” said Steenhoek. “One of the key organizations that helped create and have continued to sustain the Soy Transportation Coalition has been the Ohio Soybean Council,” Steenhoek added. 

Ohio soybean farmers harvested nearly 4.92 million acres in 2020, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Production at this scale emphasizes the important role dependable infrastructure plays in the transportation and sale of soy. 

“Farmer leaders from Ohio and other states have been integral to our success and will remain so in the future,” said Steenhoek. 

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