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  • Kirk Leeds discusses U.S. tariffs

    Listen as Kirk Leeds, CEO of the Iowa Soybean Association, answers questions concerning fears of a trade war stemming from recently announced U.S. tariffs. Leeds was recently in China with other ISA members to meet with key buyers and processors.
  • North Central Soybean Research Program

    The North Central Soybean Research Program (NCSRP) offers a variety of soybean-based research results to U.S. farmers. Hear from Executive Director Dr. Ed Anderson and President and Farmer Gene Stoel in this podcast as they discuss the role of NCSRP. From disease to pests to management practices, the research focuses on providing information to farmers to help them make decisions on their farms. NCSRP is run by a farmer board and production ag experts.
    Guests: Dr. Ed Anderson , Gene Stoel (NCSRP Chairman)
  • Helping Farmers Implement a Watershed Plan

    Todd Sutphin's love for nature serves him well in his role at the Iowa Soybean Association. As a member of the ISA's Environmental Programs & Services team, he works with farmers and experts to develop watershed plans to help farmers protect water quality.
    Guests: Todd Sutphin
  • A Roadmap to Working with ISA

    Maps provide direction. Whether you use GPS or just can't let that physical atlas booklet go, maps help us find where we need to go. Brent Renner, an ISA At-Large director, farms in north central Iowa and was working with a group of farmers, campers, fishing enthusiasts and citizens to address issues with a local lake. They weren't sure where to turn and then connected with Todd Sutphin with ISA's Environmental Programs & Services. It led Renner and the group on the right path to establish practices to work towards improving the watershed. They haven't reached the destination yet, but they're working together to reach it. Find out how ISA helped the folks in Renner's area and how it might fit in your neck of the woods.
    Guests: Brent Renner
  • Why It's Important to Tell Your Story

    Darcy Maulsby has been a writer for a long time. But she's been a farmer for even longer and knows why it's important for farmers to tell their stories. People connect through stories. They find common ground regarding goals, challenges, successes and experiences. In a time when there are more folks living off the farm, Maulsby not only writes about farmers through her work...she provides tips on how farmers can do for themselves. A great storyteller doesn't have to be a famous author...YOU are most likely the best teller of your tale. Listen in to learn more!
    Guests: Darcy Maulsby
  • Understanding Conservation Drainage

    If there's one thing Chris Hay knows about, it's conservation drainage. As senior environmental scientist with the Iowa Soybean Association, Hay can talk about the pros and cons of all types of agricultural drainage systems. Not all systems fit all landscapes and Hay works with farmers and the ISA Environmental Programs & Services to find the right methods for the right fields. Find out how you can learn about conservation drainage options with this podcast.
    Guests: Chris Hay
  • No Cookie Cutter Approach with ISA

    When used as an adjective, "cookie cutter" means "having the same look of others of a similar kind" or "lacking individuality or stereotyped or formulaic." While we do love cookies here at ISA, we threw out all of the cookie cutter approaches long ago. Farmers connect with us in a variety of ways and find us via different paths. District 9 Director Pat Swanson talks about her path to ISA, as a volunteer to a volunteer director. Listen in and see if you are inspired to forge your own unique path to (and with!) us at ISA.
  • Engaging Farmers in Water Quality Issues

    As far as Roger Wolf is concerned, farming isn't only an occupation...it's a bit of a quest. A quest to do things more efficiently, more sustainably, more profitably. Wolf, who leads the ISA's Environmental Programs & Services team, talks about what makes him so passionate to work with Iowa soybean farmers. Conservation plays a role in their efforts and he explains how they can access ISA expertise to help.
    Guests: Roger Wolf
  • Putting Research to Work on Our Farm

    Kellie and AJ Blair are busy people. This Iowa farm couple raises soybeans, corn, livestock and a family, so there is always a lot going on. But, their time spent with ISA and research efforts continues to help them make good decisions on their farm to support efficiency and productivity. The on farm trials they've done have not only identified changes needed, but solidified the practices they were using. Just like AJ says, "You don't know until you've trialed it." (That should totally be on an ISA t-shirt!) Meet Kellie and AJ and find out how they are making their data work for them.
    Guests: Kellie Blair , AJ Blair
  • From fields to labs to farmers — research makes a difference.

    There is so much to learn from a researcher like Dr. Ed Anderson, senior director of research at ISA...from genetics to management practices to his favorite tractor color. Spend some time getting know the man who helps direct ISA's research efforts. From the On-Farm Network to Environmental Programs & Services to Analytics, Ed's team works to make the most of the research and data to help keep farmers productive and profitable. It's a careful balance of checkoff and non-checkoff funding and working with partners to make those efforts go farther.
    Guests: Ed Anderson
  • Helping ISA Move Forward

    We're not only moving soybeans forward in this episode, we are planting them! It's the first mobile podcast (we've dubbed it "plantcast") and Heather spills the beans with ISA President Rolland Schnell. For Rolland, getting involved with ISA showed him the world beyond Jasper County, Iowa, and he found that farmers are very similar around the world: top-notch, innovative and hardworking people. Rolland shares his perspective on the importance of the soybean association, building relationships around the world and the incredible opportunity for soybeans as such a powerful protein source. You'll be joining us in the tractor cab on this chat!
    Guests: Rolland Schnell
  • We Are More Than Membership!

    This is the type of podcast that needs that iconic image of Uncle Sam pointing at his audience with that famous statement, "I want you!" But instead of Uncle Sam, we'd use our CEO Kirk Leeds. In this fast-moving conversation that addresses the association, membership, engagement, trade, policy and more, you'll find out what/who Kirk considers to be an ISA advocate. At ISA, we believe in delivering value and we do that by working closely with our leaders, farmers and supporters. It's all about innovation, engagement and finding champions for the soybean industry. (That could be you!) Tune in!
    Guests: Kirk Leeds
  • Creating Connections with Consumers

    Seriously, how can you argue with a woman whose special talent is curing and smoking pork belly for her own bacon and loves to read cookbooks...and is a farmer? You just can't! Listen in to a fun conversation with multi-talented Cristen Clark who will talk about how she connects with consumers through the Iowa Food & Family Project and her own blog "Food & Swine." We're also joined by Lindsey Foss who helps lead the project's efforts to connect people to food through farming, cooking and gardening. (You'll be sure to laugh, so make sure you let people around you know!) Tune in now!
    Guests: Cristen Clark , Lindsey Foss
  • Biodiesel Strengthens Farmers Bottom Line

    It's been quite a ride for the biodiesel industry and Iowa soybean farmers have played a pivotal role in not only growing the crop to fuel it...they helped create the industry. Ron Heck, a central Iowa farmer, and Grant Kimberley, ISA director of market development and executive director of the Iowa Biodiesel Board, explain the evolution of this fuel. From discussions with retailers to explaining it to leaders in the White House, this podcast covers the amazing history of this important component of Iowa agriculture.
    Guests: Grant Kimberley , Ron Heck
  • It's all in the family for these soybean farmers

    It's one thing to work with your family. It's another when it comes to spending even more time together for volunteer work. That's exactly what's happening...and what's working...for the Gaesser family in southwest Iowa. Ray and Chris Gaesser talk about all kinds of things, ranging from zombie-themed reading to why it's important to invest time in your industry. Kick back and meet the Gaessers and find out what makes ISA so special to them and their farm.
    Guests: Ray Gaesser , Chris Gaesser
  • What makes soybeans so special?

    This is one of Heather's favorite conversations with Ron Heck and Grant Kimberley. Soybeans represent a truly unique component to Iowa agriculture. They're packed with protein (for livestock and people and fish!), they create fuel in the form of biodiesel and the markets are growing. But, really, why are they so special? Listen in and learn more about Iowa's most well-rounded crop!
    Guests: Ron Heck , Grant Kimberley
  • A self-titled soils nerd spills the beans about why ISA matters

    From hanging out with her dad in the shop on the farm to being involved in FFA, Elyssa McFarland has found a home with Iowa agriculture as a farmer and a field manager for the Soil Health Partnership. In this podcast, she and Heather talk about the intersection of her roles and how ISA has been a resource for her. If you have a desire for the dirt (and we're talking soil, here), listen in!
    Guests: Elyssa McFarland
  • How a farmer's desire to make a difference in conservation is doing just that

    It really started with a farmer learning more about the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Tom Vincent, a central Iowa farmer, was standing in a hallway at ISA and asked, "What's one thing I can do?" The ball got rolling...water sampling, setting a baseline, exploring options, making a plan, changing the plan...and creating a very unique conservation structure in the form of saturated buffers. Tom is joined by Keegan Kult, ISA environmental scientist, who worked closely to find the right approach to match Tom's landscape. Take some time to find out how this worked for Tom. Maybe you'll get the next ball rolling.
    Guests: Tom Vincent , Keegan Kult
  • That one time, an Iowa soybean farmer connected with ISA through sweet corn

    Life is funny. Sometimes it gets in the way, but it doesn't mean that you can't return to a path that you started down years before. Eastern Iowa farmer Dave Walton reminisces about his path with ISA...from being a young leader, to talking about GMOS (and sweet corn), to getting involved with ISA programs and running for the state association board. Meet a farmer who enjoys talking about what he grows, how he does it, why he does it and why ISA has been worth the time to serve as a leader.
    Guests: Dave Walton

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