Announcement of Year-Round Renewables Undercut by Threat of Mexico Tariffs

Statement courtesy of ISA President Lindsay Greiner who grows soybeans near Keota, Iowa.

With the loss of China, our largest trading partner, Iowa farmers continue to bear the brunt of tariff-initiated trade reform. The last thing farmers need right now is a secondary dispute that once again rests on the backs of rural Americans. We urge the President to rethink the use of tariffs on Mexican exports to the U.S. Mexico is now Iowa’s top trading partner, the loss of which would only add insult to injury in an already-struggling farm economy. Ratification of the U.S. Mexico-Canada Agreement should be the focus when it comes to our relationship with our southern neighbors.

Trade disputes are just one of several burdens amidst the endless list of current agricultural obstacles. With good news being few and far between, we are pleased to see the announcement of year-round sales of E15. With greater market certainty from decisions like this one, farmers can have the freedom to continue operating and plan for future growing seasons. This decision should be seen as a catalyst for continued farmer-friendly policy initiatives like the extension of the biodiesel tax credit while cracking down on small-refinery waivers. The Administration needs to focus on salvaging demand for U.S. agricultural products in China while encouraging sound relationships with other trading partners.

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