SoyFest: A Celebration of Soy

Iowa State University SoyFest 2021

Date & Time: August 25, 2021 | 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Location: Iowa State University Central Campus

August is soybean month in Iowa and because soybeans are a big part of Iowa’s economy (accounting for over $5 billion annually), the Iowa Soybean Research Center is hosting this fun and educational experience on all things soy for our 33,000+ students at Iowa State University during the first week of fall semester classes. This one-day, festival-style event will be held on central campus near Parks Library to show how products containing soybeans have become part of everyday life and the many uses of soy.

Join in the fun!

Food: Free cookout - pork, poultry, veggie/soy burgers, popcorn, donuts...more

Activities: Cooking and robotic demonstrations, interactive research, soy products/new uses, photo booth, carnival games...more

Supporting Organizations: Iowa State University, Iowa Soybean Association, HyVee, Wheatsfield Co-op, Old Capitol Food Company, Mahalo's Coffee, Iowa Turkey Federation, Iowa Smokehouse, ISU Bacon Expo and various ISU student groups including the Block & Bridle Grill Team, Culinary Science Club, Food Science Club, Agronomy Club... more 

If you would like to help SoyFest with a monetary donation, sponsor part of the event or volunteer at the event, contact the event coordinators at 515-294-7318 or Visit their website to learn more.