Iowa Soybean Association Research Program Participant Data Privacy and Use Policy

Last updated on October 14, 2016

Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) is a mission driven and farmer-centric organization supported by the soybean checkoff and other sponsors. Through the collection, analyses and interpretation of individual and aggregated data, ISA adds value to the data returned to participants. The ISA Research (On-Farm Network®, Environmental Programs & Services, and Analytics programs) places special emphasis on privacy and security when collecting and using participant data and information. This document describes the overall ISA research program participant data and use policy. Specific terms and conditions for individual projects may be detailed in project specific agreements and contracts. Individual projectspecific provisions will take priority over general policy provisions contained herein.

ISA will retain all data and information only for additional analyses aimed to improve crop management, natural resources, and environmental quality and to advance scientific knowledge.

All data, including but not limited to, field and farm management information, natural resource and spatial data provided to ISA and/or collected by ISA are owned by enrolling participants.

By participating in ISA research programs, participants acknowledge awareness and consent to share data and information with ISA and to permit ISA to collect and utilize additional data and information, as specified and communicated within this policy and/or participant agreements.

ISA will manage all data and information and will not reveal participants’ names and locations without expressed written consent. ISA may use anonymized individual and aggregated data to develop educational materials, scientific publications as well as project summaries, grant reports, public reporting, and other venues. ISA may use individual and aggregate summaries to develop different types of educational material.

ISA may release, for a specified purpose, the anonymized georeferenced data and information to university researchers or data analysis consultants upon the receipt of a signed non-disclosure agreement from them. The non-disclosure agreement will ensure privacy and security of the participant data and the data are deleted by the outside researchers or consultants after the analyses are completed.

This policy, individual participant, non-disclosure agreement will be reviewed and updated as needed.