August 2022

August 22, 2022


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On the Cover
A soybean field in central Iowa in all its glory. This month we celebrate Soybean Month in Iowa and all the industry contributes to the state, nation, and the world.

Executive Insights: Celebrating the soybean family
Welcome to Soybean Month in Iowa! It’s August, and this edition of the Iowa Soybean Review celebrates the industry’s importance and ways ISA is driven to deliver opportunities and results for the farmers we serve.
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Meet the ISA team of agronomists
ISA field services program managers provide agronomic advice and conduct on-farm trials.
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Relay crop trial update
Relay cropping involves seeding soybeans early in the growing season while the cereal rye is still in the vegetative growth stages.
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Soybean Month celebrates the crop’s impact, versatility
Bolstered demand and a growing portfolio of uses prove homegrown soybeans are an economic, social and environmental driver for Iowa. The benefits of the powerhouse protein were reinforced through a proclamation signed this week by Governor Kim Reynolds.
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ISA officials and directors detail the ISA difference in their own words
How does the Iowa Soybean Association assist and maintain Iowa’s status as one of the premier soybean leaders in the nation and around the world?
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Producing more than ever before
Iowa’s 40,000 soybean farmers smashed through the previous record for soybean production in the state last year, tallying up 621,860,000 bushels of soybeans when 2021 was complete.
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Ruth McCabe is Iowa's 2022 Nuffield Scholar
What makes a bright future? Brilliant ideas. It’s the core concept behind the Nuffield Farming Scholarships.
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Consumers weigh in on Iowa agriculture
Today’s consumers are more aware than ever of how food travels through the supply chain.
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Iowa City-based company manufactures fresh tofu
Bringing together that love for tofu and the urge to be entrepreneurial, Gratzon and Mesaros had the idea to start a food production company.
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Facility honors pioneer in feed, poultry research
A new state-of-the-art turkey teaching and research facility at Iowa State University (ISU) will provide hands-on learning in modern production practices and further strengthen the state’s turkey industry.
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New tool compares farming practices, products and technologies
ISA has published results from each successful field trial in individual reports and made all reports available in a searchable, online database.
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Rural Route 2: Sweet summertime
The school supply list is out, and Halloween decorations are making their way to store shelves. Before we know it, summer will come to an end.
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