ISA Farmer Membership

For farmers who certify they market 250 bushels of soybeans annually, ISA's Farmer Membership is available at no additional costJoin our 13,000 ISA members (and counting!) in activating or validating your Farmer Membership.

Becoming an ISA member gives you greater and faster access to important and timely information. Members are plugged into ISA, receiving real-time opportunities to offer feedback and suggestions to the volunteer farmer directors of the ISA board. This is helpful as you make decisions on what gets funded and what becomes or remains a priority for the organization.

In these challenging times, having greater access and input is more important than ever. Being a Farmer Member of ISA gives you both. Membership also allows soybean farmers to show support for their organization publicly. Doing so encourages additional farmers to join, greatly enhancing the association’s long-term growth, vitality and relevancy.

Start making the most of these membership benefits and more by activating or validating your membership today!

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I certify that I market a minimum of 250 bushels of soybeans per year.

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