About ISA

Vision Statement

ISA is recognized for excellence in enhancing long term sustainability of Iowa soybean farmers.

Mission Statement

Expanding opportunities and delivering results for Iowa soybean farmers.

Value Statements

  • Honesty
    (Earn trust through our actions, respect for others and enduring relationships with farmers, employees, partners, and customers)
  • Advocacy on behalf of farmers
    (Committed to championing, standing with and advocating on behalf of Iowa soybean farmers)
  • Transparency
    (Communicate openly with all stakeholders, always mindful of the privilege and responsibility we have to serve Iowa soybean farmers)
  • Fiscal integrity
    (Farmers expect us to invest their resources wisely. We will)
  • Continuous improvement/innovation
    (Striving for optimum performance and service in all that we do)
  • Fact based and data driven
    (Always going where data leads so we do the right things for the right reasons)
  • Commitment to stewardship
    (Promoting sustainable production practices benefiting current and future generations)
  • Collaboration and partnership
    (Maximize impact through shared dialogue and resources)

Goal Statement

Improve competitiveness of Iowa soybean farmers.


  1. Continuously improve soybean productivity
  2. Continuously improve natural resource management practices and environmental quality
  3. Continuously improve efficiency and profitability of environmentally sound cropping systems
  4. Increase export of Iowa and US soybeans and soybean products
  5. Improve the cost effectiveness, reliability, and competitiveness of US transportation system
  6. Improve utilization of soy meal and protein (animal, industrial and human)
  7. Increase consumer confidence about today’s farm and food system
  8. Increase demand for soybean oil (including Biodiesel)
  9. Influence policies and regulations positively impacting soybean farmers and key stakeholders
  10. Increase engagement with farmers and key stakeholders
  11. Continuously develop strong board leadership, the strategic focus and strategy management processes of ISA