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Healthier Soils

Strategically advance soil health management and increase production and sustainability on your farm.  Engage with RCFI as we work to apply innovative solutions to increase soil organic matter, manage nutrients, and prevent erosion.

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Cleaner Water

Nutrient and natural resource management have a direct impact on your profitability.  RCFI’s integrated approach to agronomics, conservation, and analytics is unique and highly effective at producing practical solutions to these resource challenges.

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Cropping Systems

A well-managed, profitable operation starts with an effective, high-yielding cropping systems approach.  RFCI actively works to engage a farmer on developing and implementing management strategies specific to your farm and supports data-driven decision-making tools to help you increase crop production and lower input costs.

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Marketable Services

There are more opportunities than one to add to your bottom line.  Let RFCI help you leverage funding to acquire resources, increase the value of your crop, or profit from outcome-based natural resource management.

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Why should you work with us?

Unique focus

Our focus is unique in the industry. We are driven to improve farmer profitability and stewardship; it's not about us, it’s about the farmer. 

Unbiased source of scientifically valid information

ISA research contains holistic integration of all areas of crop management and stewardship. We go where the data takes us whether it sells a system or not. 

Access to latest advances in technology

We are often the first source of new technology and inputs for farmers to trial. 

Advanced analytics and methods

Our analytics of on-farm data is world class and our methodology are proven and refined by 16 years of experience. Competitors may offer similar expertise, but no one is more advanced than us. 

Access to a large network of expertise

We have a large farmer base as well as many contacts with industry on all the major products and technologies along with close associations with Iowa State University and other organizations. 


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