Photo Credit: Iowa Soybean Association

Photo Credit: Iowa Soybean Association

Senate Tax Proposal Benefits Iowa Soybean Farmers, Natural Resources

February 2, 2022

Statement courtesy of Robb Ewoldt, Iowa Soybean Association president and soybean farmer from Davenport

“The recent tax proposal being considered in the Iowa Senate, also known as SSB 3074, would secure much-needed funding to improve, protect, and enhance the state’s natural resources and recreational opportunities for generations to come.

“The Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) supports this proposed legislation, specifically Division 23, which would fund the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund. It’s encouraging to know this meaningful funding is attainable without increasing taxes on hard-working Iowans, including the state’s soybean growers.

“We believe the legislation could provide over $125 million to help farmers implement both in- and edge-of-field conservation practices like cover crops, bioreactors, saturated buffers, and wetland restoration. These dollars would be made possible through a shift in the local sales option tax to a statewide penny—activating Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy (IWILL). The division also recognizes and addresses expenditures tied to the conservation and water quality projects identified by Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy.

“Recent years have highlighted the important need to protect and enhance both natural resources and recreational opportunities across the state. Iowa’s 40,000 soybean farmers are making voluntary investments in our state’s future, but our ability to scale these practices to meet nutrient reduction targets is hamstrung by the limited conservation funding in priority watersheds. This legislation would afford us the opportunity to deliver significant conservation outcomes benefiting Iowans, while continuing to produce the homegrown soy used to feed and fuel the world.

“Iowa soybean farmers are encouraged to voice support for this proposed legislation by contacting their state elected officials in both the House and Senate today. We look forward to working with policymakers to help accelerate these soil health and water quality improvement efforts.”

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