November 2023

November 1, 2023


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On the Cover
Soybeans grow on Lane Volkert’s farm near Holstein. The ISA member shares lessons and parallels between farming and his military involvement during the Vietnam War. See Stars, stripes and soy on Page 30.

Heart, soul and thankfulness
Recollections shared by retiring directors are a tradition when ISA’s farmer leaders gather each September.
Page 4

Rural Route 2: In Thanksgiving
In this season of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for a tremendous team and for the farmers we serve.
Page 7

Navigating the path to farm bill passage
Federal support for Iowa farmers hangs in the balance as the 2023 Farm Bill takes center stage in the political arena.
Page 8

Iowa soybean farmers host international visitors
Iowa farmers hosted trade teams from the Maghreb, Japan, South Korea and China on their farms before harvest.
Page 10

India 'The Quiet Giant'
More people to feed means increased demand for protein which bodes well for soybean farmers in Iowa.
Page 16

Delivering conservation programs to Iowa farmers
RCFI’s conservation programs provide farmers access to technical and financial assistance.
Page 22

Nuffield scholar hopes to replicate global aquaculture success in U.S.
Farmers in other locales are serious about seafood farming with hopes of reducing hunger and providing more economic opportunities.
Page 24

New York center of soy universe for USSEC global forum
For U.S. farmers, it’s the quality of the soybeans they produce that sets them apart from the global competition.
Page 26

Stars, stripes and soy
Soybean farmer values the time he spent in the military when he swapped out chore boots for combat boots.
Page 30