November 2021

November 1, 2021


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On the Cover
Iowa Soybean Association District 8 Director Warren Bachman celebrates his 60th harvest and looks to his past with gratitude.

Executive Insights: The Courage to Live Vertically
"Living vertically" to ensure the industry's continued growth and prosperity.
Page 4

Details Matter in Estate Tax Debate
Changes to capital gains taxation have been sparking debates.
Page 6

Covid-19 Kinks Supply Chain
The world's supply chain was hit by the perfect storm of events and agricultural exports are feeling the pressures.
Page 10

A Diamond Anniversary
ISA director Warren Bachman celebrates his 60th harvest and looks back on his journey in farming.
Page 12

Sailing is Believing
The Iowa Soybean Association hosted farmer leaders and staff for an 83-mile journey of the Mississippi to learn about the economic and ecological importance of the river on Iowa agriculture.
Page 16

Rivers: Not Just for Exports
The importance of utilizing inland waterways both outbound and inbound.
Page 18

Soy Spotlight
Soy packs a powerful protein punch, which makes it a preferred choice for livestock growers domestically and abroad. As meat, poultry and egg sales rise, soy sales are also increased.
Page 20

Hen House High-Rises
The chicken coop has changed. Today's cage-free egg laying farms not only look different from the outside but on the inside, too. 
Page 24

The Last Word: Rainy Day Musings
Iowa Soybean Review editor, Ann Clinton, shares some rainy day thoughts and talks about what it's store for next year.
Page 27