November 2020

November 3, 2020

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Executive Insights
ISA CEO Kirk Leeds answers questions about power of policy.
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Policy Update: Old Fashioned and Thankful
ISA Director of Public Affairs Michael Dolch shares insights.
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Meet the President
With his term already underway, ISA President Jeff Jorgenson sat down with the Iowa Soybean Review to share his optimistic view of the year ahead.
Page 10

Soy Powers a Combine
From tires to panels to lubricants, take a look at how combines are reaping the value and benefits of soybeans.
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Harvest 2020 Wrap Up
Scenes from Iowa's soybean harvest.
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Outcomes and Revenue
ISA’s AgOutcomes connects farmers with capital to achieve environmental goals.
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Record Pace 
Early soybean sales show promise for strong year. 
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Global Soy Vision 
The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) works to build a preference for U.S. soybeans domestically and abroad. Here’s a snapshot of four countries that present marketing opportunities for U.S. soybeans.
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Continuity Through COVID-19
Selling soybeans during a global pandemic.
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Beyond Bean Yield
ISA-developed tool to assess economic impact of quality mapping.
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Season of Thanksgiving
The Last Word: Editor's notes by Ann Clinton. Visit "The Truck Series" to read more letters to the editor from Iowa Soybean Review readers.
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