May 2022

May 27, 2022


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On the Cover
Soy is a critical component for Eric and Janet Sparrow's businesses in northern Iowa. Soy is used in blends for their Milkhouse Candle Co. candles, and in creating soy beads for their American Soy Organics line of products.

Executive Insights: Pedal to the Metal
Rarely is there a straight line between what you produce and what people want. Instead, you must go the extra mile and make the extra effort.
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Legislation fuels growth in biodiesel
HF2128/SSB3084 will encourage the sale of higher blends of biodiesel through an incentive-based approach.
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Ambassador's visit stresses opportunity in expanding trade
Ten years after hosting then-Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, the Kimberley family hosted Qin Gang, Chinese Ambassador to the U.S., on their farm near Maxwell.
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Dive into water monitoring with ISA researchers
RCFI has published a Water Monitoring Report for farmers, landowners and prospective partners interested in implementing or learning more about RCFI water management efforts.
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Soy is a food, fuel and much more thanks to emerging uses
Soybeans are everywhere. They are in the food we eat, the vehicles we drive, the roads we drive on, the homes we live in, the periodicals we read and the shoes we wear. It’s even the turf for our favorite sports teams.
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Soy-based dust suppressant highlights important checkoff investment
A new soy-based dust suppressant for roads, farms, construction sites and more presents a sustainable solution to improve air quality in rural and urban areas.
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A Goodyear and USB collaboration accelerates
One of the most recent and exciting new uses for soy in consumer goods came from a collaboration between The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and the United Soybean Board (USB).
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Skechers and Goodyear collaboration boost demand for soy oil
Goodyear’s soy oil innovation is changing another way rubber hits the road – whether we run or walk – through a partnership with footwear company Skechers.
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New uses for soybeans go way beyond the fields
Technology developed at Iowa State University is hitting the streets – literally – through an Ames-based company. Midwest-grown soybeans are important pieces in the production and application of this technology and the products created.
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Ames-based company is developing an autonomous planter
A multigenerational farm in Boone County will be a part of change during this year’s planting season. David Krog is using 40 acres of his wife’s family farm to test his autonomous planter.
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Soy illuminates Iowa candle company
Candles made with soy oil from Midwest-grown soybeans are labeled and sent down the line for further quality assurance before being boxed and shipped to the company’s network of 1,400 distributors.
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Resources highlighted during Mental Health Month
This May during Mental Health Month, the soy community will continue its proactive communications campaign to combat farm stress by offering #SoyHelp.
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Rural Route 2: My First Classroom
The work you do on your farm is difficult to teach through a textbook; it’s a learn-by-doing experience. There is no better classroom.
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