March 2021

March 17, 2021

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On the Cover
Lexi Marek received the ISA Rising Star Award in 2013, her sister received it in 2015. The Mareks, including an Iowa Soybean Association director and United Soybean Board director, Larry Marek, share a strong tradition of work on behalf of the soybean industry. 

Executive Insights: Creating a legacy
An update on important issues from Kirk Leeds, ISA Chief Executive Officer.
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Policy Update: Playing the long game
Policy updates from Michael Dolch, ISA Director of Public Affairs.
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Leadership runs in the family, featuring:
The Marek family, the Greiner family, the Heck family and the Coleman family
ISA Leadership Awards are presented annually to individuals and organizations in recognition of outstanding work on behalf of Iowa soybean farmers and the farming profession. Highlighted are four families who exemplify the true legacy of leadership within the soybean industry. 
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9 steps to higher soybean yields
From variety selection to harvest loss protection, farmers take steps to strengthen yields.
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Biodiesel boost
Proposed legislation will expand usage of the soy-based fuel.
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Biodiesel availability in Iowa
One Iowa-based biodiesel supplier is committed to expanding the availability and usage of biodiesel. 
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Inside the minds of Iowa grocery shoppers
Recent survey shows grocery shoppers adapt to COVID-19, remain trusting in agriculture.
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The Last Word: Legacy of goodness

Letters to the Editor and editor's notes by Ann Clinton.
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