January 2021

January 20, 2021

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Executive Insights: Advocacy Matters
The Iowa Soybean Association’s success and that of the industry and farmers it represents depends on advocates and advocacy. ISA CEO Kirk Leeds speaks to the importance of both. 
Page 4

All Gas, No Brakes
Policy updates from 
Michael Dolch, ISA Director of Public Affairs.
Page 5

Activating Agricultural Advocacy
Tips on how to build stronger connections with consumers.
Page 12

Cole the Cornstar
Part educator, part entertainer, part motivational speaker. 100% farmer.
Page 14

Finding Common Ground
Group expands opportunities to share ag stories.
Page 16

Harnessing Consumer Curiosity
Iowa Food & Family Project creates long-term, pandemic-resistant consumer connections.
Page 18

Sharing Our Story
From farmer to consumer and beyond. 
Page 20

Speaking Out for Cover Crops
How (and why) four farmers are dedicated to the cover crops cause.
Page 22

Connecting the Dots 
Technology reaches farmers via virtual meetings, YouTube and more.
Page 24

The Last Word: Matter of Trust
Editor's notes by Ann Clinton.
Page 26