April 2023

March 31, 2023


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On the Cover
From planes and trains to tractors and ships, soybeans are a feedstock used to produce biofuels suitable for various modes of transportation.

Executive Insights: Raising the bar
Ten years ago, Iowa embarked on an ambitious, first-of-its-kind effort to make meaningful and sustained improvements to water quality.
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Biofuels produced from soybeans
The high oil content in soybeans makes them ideal to produce biofuels, a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.
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Digesters, bioenergy and conservation bonanza
Processing cover crops and manure hold economic and environmental promise for farmers.
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Biodiesel industry rallies to answer call for growth
Better. Cleaner. Now. That’s the mantra of the soy-based biofuels industry given the product improves air quality and human health.
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In their own words | Biofuel conference takeaways
Insights shared by soybean leaders and industry officials speaking at Clean Fuels Alliance America’s annual conference.
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Soybean meal: A premier vegetable protein
As soybean crush capacity increases to meet the demands for soybean oil, what happens to the expected increased production of soybean meal?
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Meet the Director: Jeff Frank
Meet ISA farmer-director Jeff Frank. He's one of 22 farmers on the Iowa Soybean Association Board of Directors.
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Farmers celebrate soy in a 'to the moon' milestone
Li began working with North Carolina-based Columbia Forest Products to adapt his new soybean-based adhesive to hardwood plywood manufacturing.
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Biodiesel supporters thank Iowa lawmakers
Some of the most comprehensive biofuels legislation in the country is starting to take effect in Iowa, a shift expected to improve consumer access to biodiesel.
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Taking the initiative | Iowa Biodiesel Board
An Iowa group known for blazing the trail for biodiesel has received top recognition for its efforts with an award from Clean Fuels Alliance America.
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Rural Route 2: A perfect season
While it’s March Madness on the court, it’s also March Madness on your home courts: your shops and fields.
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