Grant Kimberley, Karen Long and Jenna Rose

Taking the initiative | Iowa Biodiesel Board

March 30, 2023

An Iowa group known for blazing the trail for biodiesel has received top recognition for its efforts with an award from Clean Fuels Alliance America.

Since its inception in 2007, the Iowa Biodiesel Board has become invaluable in advancing biodiesel in Iowa and across the nation, earning it the Initiative Award. The small team of two half-time employees and two contractors knows no limitations, Clean Fuels says.

IBB and its members, along with other partners, played a vital role in helping Iowa pass the most comprehensive state biodiesel legislation in U.S. history.

The group worked with the governor’s office and state legislators while raising the pro-biodiesel volume in media outlets. The most recent legislation broke the B20 “glass ceiling,” providing the first-ever B30 incentive in the U.S.

Also a leader in federal policy outreach, the organization has been instrumental in working with the Congressional delegation on important issues like the Renewable Fuel Standard.

“The Iowa Biodiesel Board has proven to be a valuable partner to Clean Fuels, fostering engagement and cooperation on biodiesel growth in Iowa and nationally,” says Donnell Rehagen, CEO of Clean Fuels Alliance America.

Founded under the umbrella of the Iowa Soybean Association, IBB has grown into a leading trade association representing the entire supply chain, helping Iowa maintain its position as the top biodiesel-producing state.

“Despite all the challenges we’ve faced in Iowa, it’s been some of the most meaningful and rewarding work I can imagine,” says Grant Kimberley, executive director of IBB, while accepting the award. “It’s an honor to see the impact Iowa biodiesel has made, and we look forward to continuing to take the initiative in Iowa for years to come.”