(Photo: Joseph Hopper/Iowa Soybean Association)

First North America Conservation & Drainage Expo features ISA’s Dr. Hay

January 11, 2023 | Joseph Hopper

The first ever North America Conservation & Drainage Expo (NACADE) is happening from Jan. 17-19 at Hy-Vee Hall in Des Moines and the Iowa Soybean Association’s own Dr. Chris Hay will serve as a breakout speaker for the audience of farmers, contractors and ag professionals. Hay says the event is unique because it’s the first of its kind to integrate conservation and drainage as an industry event.

“There will be an exhibition space for different industries and groups and then an educational component will be a series of breakout presentations,” says Hay. “There will be a series of roundtable discussions on different conservation drainage topics.”

Hay will present on his multi-year research surrounding drainage water recycling in Iowa, which is a system able to pair producer benefits in irrigation and societal benefits from recycling water and nutrients. An additional breakout conducted by Hay during NACADE will surround the research and results surrounding edge of field water monitoring.

The ISA Sr. Research Scientist says NACADE’s pairing of a traditional trade show and its unique educational element will make for a unique fusion.

“It will be nice to have the industry folks, contractors and the farmers all in one place to talk about some of these issues,” Hay says. “It’s a nice opportunity to bring conservation into the conversation, new opportunities and to share what we’re all doing in the conservation space.”


For more information about NACADE and how to register to attend, visit nacadexpo.com.

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