Closeup of hands holding a soybean pod

(Photo: Joseph L. Murphy/Iowa Soybean Association)

Webinar: Using research to improve your farming operation

March 9, 2021

Our business is working with farmers to test methods, products, and new ideas. Our goal is to provide science-based information about agronomic methods that are both profitable and improve natural resources. Actions that improve yields and profits all start with ideas and available information. For farmers who already do on-farm research with us or others, we want to build on your success and connect you with results from other farmers. 

We invited farmers to learn about the opportunities to engage with us. We want to connect you with results and work with you to make on-farm research and testing part of your management strategy.  Watch this webinar to learn about our programs and how they can inform decision making on your farm to improve yield and natural resources.


  • Where to find results of ISA research programs
  • Regional research priorities and how you can participate
  • Highlights of 2020 research results
  • Current on-farm research projects including water sampling, soil health, fertility, biologicals and more.


  • Host: Katie James, ISA Public Relations Manager
  • Roger Wolf, Director, ISA Research Center for Farming Innovation
  • Theo Gunther, Sr. Research Program Development Coordinator
  • Anthony Martin, Field Services Program Manager (SE IA)
  • Teresa Middleton, Field Services Program Manager (NE IA)
  • Corey McKinney, Field Services Program Manager


You can also watch the second webinar in the Innovation TO GO! series, "Science-based solutions for your farming operation" on our website.