Soybean pods hang from their stems

(Photo: Joseph L. Murphy/Iowa Soybean Association)

Webinar: Science-based solutions for your farming operation

March 11, 2021

Each year, current ISA RCFI farmer partners break down the year’s trials and projects with staff, reviewing results and understanding how the lessons learned help them be more profitable and productive. Dive into two case studies (nutrient/cover crop management and cropping systems and profitability) and find out how this work improved the outlook of two farms.


  • Enhanced nutrient and cover crop management
  • N-rate trial example and results
  • Cover crop best practices
  • Access to a cover crop cost/economic online tool to get the clear financial picture
  • Nitrogen and cover crop impacts on water quality 

Take an in-depth look at two case studies, digging into the research projects led by Iowa farmer participants that led to the creation of online tools all farmers can use. 

  1. RCFI field service experts studied how enhanced nutrient and cover crop management could improve the impacts on water quality and soil health. A new RCFI online, cover crop economic analysis tool can help farmers assess their own management adjustments. 
  2. Cropping systems are unique to every farmer's acres. In 2020, RCFI replicated strip trials offered insights to better manage disease and pests, biological inoculants, seeding rates, and planting season best practices. RCFI's unique online decision-making tools can also help farmers understand management impacts on in-field soybean quality. 


  • Host: Katie James, ISA Public Relations Manager
  • Teresa Middleton, Field Services Program Manager (NE IA)
  • Scott Nelson, Sr. Field Services Program Manager
  • Anthony Martin, Field Services Program Manager (SE IA)
  • Drew Clemmensen, Field Services Program Manager (SW IA)
  • Peter Kyveryga, Sr. Research Scientist-Analytics
  • Suzanne Fey, Analyst
  • Aaron Prestholt, Analyst
  • Tony Seeman, ISA RCFI, Sr. Field Services Lab and Data Manager

Farmer Partner Speakers

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 Aimee Bissell, Bedford farmer    AJ Blair, Dayton-area farmer


 You can also watch the first webinar in the Innovation TO GO! series, "Using research to improve your farming operation" on our website.