The State of Soy: Trade (S1:E1)

January 9, 2019

In Iowa Soybean Association’s (ISA) inaugural broadcast of The State of Soy, we can think of no topic more important than – you guessed it – trade!

For almost a year, a dispute between the U.S. and China, America’s largest customer of soybeans, has festered. The roller-coaster ride has featured deepening angst between Washington and Beijing; rumors of purchase agreements followed by a short-lived price upturn; followed all-too-soon by lackluster buying and a drop in prices. The results? U.S. soybean sales to China off more than 90 percent this current marketing year. Domestic soybean prices that continue to slide. A potential decline of acres planted to soybeans in 2019. Farmer balance sheets that, well, aren’t balancing – and you get picture. Host Aaron Putze, ISA Communications Director, leads the discussion on the situation and what the future may hold for this crop year and beyond.