Flower buds blooming in spring.

The State of Soy: Season 2, Episode 5

May 13, 2020

In this episode, hear highlights from Beck's Hybrids' Practical Farm Research in Colfax and get tips on what to look for this growing season. Also take a look inside a rural Iowa coffee shop, owned and operated by an Auburn soybean farming couple as they define what it means to be "essential workers". And, the future of Iowa's wildlife looks bright as The State of Soy profiles efforts to restore oxbow habitats that help support endangered species. Finally, take a peek at the sights and sounds of an Iowa springtime captured through the lens of ISA's Joe Murphy.

In this episode: 

Research Results and Growing Season Tips from Beck's Hybrids

Caleb Shoemaker, Beck's Colfax Practical Farm Research Location Lead, shares results from their research studies and tells farmers what to look for this growing season. 

Auburn Farming Couple Operate Local Coffee Shop

From Soybean fields to the coffee counter, Jeff and Ellen Frank define what it means to be essential workers.

Iowa Oxbows Home to Endangered Species

ISA is partnering with Syngenta to help restore two endangered species, the Topeka shiner and rusty-patched bumble bee.

Through the Lens: Sights and Sounds of an Iowa Spring

ISA Communications Director Joe Murphy documents the rich landscape only an Iowa spring can provide. As soybean farmers set a record with the most acres planted by May 3 since record keeping began, there was no shortage of fieldwork in April and May.