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Iowa Soybean Association, Iowa Biodiesel Board Applaud Governor’s Call for Statewide Biofuels Standard

February 8, 2021

Governor Kim Reynolds has introduced a bill to set a minimum standard of biofuels in the Iowa fuel supply. For biodiesel, this would mean most Iowa diesel would contain at least 11 percent (B11) during warmer months beginning in April of 2022, and B20 during warmer months in 2024 and later. The Iowa Soybean Association and Iowa Biodiesel Board strongly support the legislation and applauded the governor for her continued leadership.

Grant Kimberley, Iowa Biodiesel Board executive director, issued the following statement:

“We fully embrace the governor’s call to set Iowa on the path towards using more biodiesel, and at higher blend levels. Setting a standard for widespread use of higher blends of biodiesel in Iowa would be positive for Iowa’s economy, environment and rural communities – and would improve the quality of the fuel supply overall. We see a seismic shift in the nation’s energy supply already in motion, and the approach to encourage additional production and use of biofuels to reduce carbon while improving the economy is tried and true. As the nation’s top biodiesel producer, Iowa should stay in the forefront of these forward-thinking changes.”

Jeff Jorgenson, President of the Iowa Soybean Association, issued the following statement:

“We applaud Gov. Reynolds for her steadfast leadership on pro-biodiesel initiatives. The homegrown fuel is a key domestic market for Iowa soybean oil, adding value to every bushel of soybeans produced in the state. We look forward to learning more about the Governor’s call for legislation. Iowa soybean farmers stand ready to work with her and the Iowa legislature on advancing renewable fuel policies. By working together, we can grow demand for Iowa soybeans and provide significant economic and environmental benefits to rural communities.”

Biodiesel is an advanced biofuel made from agricultural byproducts and co-products, such as soybean oil.

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