October 2023

October 2, 2023


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On the Cover
Colton Janssen combining soybeans near Arlington.

Ditching Labels
Having a optimistic outlook on agriculture can be difficult, especially if you let labels define your thinking.
Page 4

Cruising into fall
Whether you are travelling or gearing up for harvest, may your fall season be fruitful and pleasant.
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Iowa soybean farmers elect new leadership to bolster demand, expand opportunities
ISA confirms new president, executive committee and directors to the farmer-led board for the 2024 program year.
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Transparency and traceability
Farmers, academics and industry professionals gather to discuss consumer demand for transparency and traceability.
Page 11

Theft in the fields
Congressional members and farmers share their concerns on China's efforts to steal intellectual property.
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Experiencing Iowa's soybean industry
The ISA Experience Class travelled the state to learn how their soybean checkoff investment impacts the industry.
Page 18

Management of soybean gall midge in Iowa
Recent spike in Soybean Gall Midge populations in fields across Iowa spark concern and generate new prevention methods.
Page 22

Sabor, USA!
A recent trade mission to Chile uncovers a growing taste for Iowa-raised beef and barbeque across the world.
Page 26

Congratulations to our drone winner!
The 2023 Iowa Soybean Association Membership Drive drone winner is Brad Holdgrafer, a new farmer member from Bryant.
Page 28

Pressure ports
Political, regulatory and environmental factors putting pressure on ports and impacting efficiency of trade.
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Tag, you're it!
Baker's yeast barcodes, called BioTags, could increase traceability of Iowa soybeans and agricultural products.
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