March 2023

March 3, 2023


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Eight leaders were recently recognized at the Iowa Soybean Association's (ISA) Winter Soy Summit with various leadership awards. This issue of the Iowa Soybean Review celebrates their contributions.

Executive Insights: Crisis of leadership
There’s not much problem solving going on. In its place, acrimony, fear mongering, blame, partisanship, excuses and finger pointing. And plenty of theatrics.
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Advocate for Iowa Agriculture Award | Secretary Naig
This award recognizes those who effectively and accurately share the story of modern agriculture.
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Policy Champion Award | Jeff Ellis
“When I was in college, I had a teacher say, ‘If you’re going to do something in life, be involved,’” Ellis says. So, he and his wife Paula get involved.
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New Leader Award | Josh Henik
Henik has served as an active participant in his District Advisory Council, as a member of the Policy Leadership Fellowship and was a candidate in the 2022 ISA director elections.
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Rising Star Award | Kesley Holdgrafer
Growing up on a diversified grain and livestock operation near Bryant sparked Kesley Holdgrafer’s passion for advocating for the agricultural industry.
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Friend of the Iowa Soybean Farmer | Peter Mishek
Mishek’s passion for serving soybean farmers, processors and buyers has played an important role in the industry’s growth and success.
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Environmental Leader Award | Ryan Vavroch
Ryan Vavroch is making strides in implementing new conservation practices to preserve and build soil health and reduce nutrient loss from his fields.
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Innovator in Production Research | AJ Blair
No matter what’s involved, Blair is always willing to be an innovative voice who works collaboratively with researchers, including RCFI staff.
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Legacy of Leadership | Brian Kemp
Brian Kemp has demonstrated a lifelong commitment and passion for the soybean industry, spanning local, state, national and international leadership positions.
Page 22

$400 Million in Unrealized Soybean Value
A new partnership, the first of its kind in more than 40 years, aims to increase soybean flower and pod retention.
Page 25

Meet the Director: Tom Adam
Meet ISA farmer-director Tom Adam. He's one of 22 farmers on the Iowa Soybean Association Board of Directors.
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Rural Route 2: Word of the year
One minute you’re planting your field; the next, it seems you’re already harvesting the fruits of your labor.

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