January 2022

January 19, 2022


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On the Cover
Brothers Decker, Derek and Devan Mann shoot video content for their YouTube channel, which features the family's farm near Marshalltown.

Executive Insights: Are you Prepared to Innovate?
ISA is constantly innovating and adapting so that they can continue to deliver results to farmers well into the future.
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Iowa farmland values skyrocket 29% in 2021
Strong crop yields and prices paired with limited land supply lifted Iowa land values by 29%.
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Mann family bonded by farming and YouTube channel
Play videos from Mann Family Farms on YouTube and you’ll see planting, harvesting and the everyday workings on a near Century farm.
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Innovation to Profit Conference
On-farm research results that support a systems approach to improved production, soil health and water management for a profitable farming operation will be featured at ISA's Innovation to Profit conference on Feb. 17 at the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny.
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ISA unlocks the benefits of oxbows
ISA is helping farmer members dig for treasure. The ultimate reward may not be a chest of gold but instead a way to mitigate flooding, prevent nitrates from entering waterways and provide a home to endangered wildlife like the Topeka Shiner.
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ISA water lab provides data to help improve water quality
The ISA water lab will soon complete its 11th year of water monitoring. The facility is a unique asset, connecting directly with the work of the Research Center for Farming Innovation (RCFI).
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Early adopter continues adapting to boost production
Farming isn’t work for Chuck White. Rather, the Spencer farmer sees the land he farms as a work in progress.
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Sharing soy's sustainability story
Customers have increasing expectations that the products they purchase contain sustainable ingredients.
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Five tips to improve winter biodiesel performance
Dave Walton, farmer from Wilton likes biodiesel because of its dependability and increased lubricity. It’s also a homegrown product, made primarily from soybeans like those grown on his eastern Iowa farm.
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The Last Word: Birds of a Feather
As a long-time ISA employee, I can assure you, the farmer directors working on your behalf are top-notch. This organization is not only ready for this new year; it’s ready for the next two decades. Good things are ahead. I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you.
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