February 2020

February 1, 2020

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Soy is everywhere. From tractor tires to asphalt, the abundant and renewable resource offers a "greener" alternative, reducing the petroleum content in commercial and industrial products. 

  • CEO Kirk Leeds: No Gimmicks (pg. 4)
  • Public Affairs Director: Driven To Deliver (pg. 6)
  • Planning For Success (pg. 8)
  • The House That Soy Built: Industrial home products rise to the top with soy as a biobased alternative (pg. 12)
  • Soles of Soy: Soybean oil supports eco-friendly, American-made footwear (pg. 16)
  • Prime Motor Oil: A new motor oil made with high oleic soybean oil is now available on Amazon(pg. 18)
  • Biofuel Demand Heats Up: In the early 2000s — and still today — soybean farmers need demand for soy oil to support soybean prices (pg. 20)
  • Biodiesel in the Big Apple: To keep its reputation as the city that never sleeps, New York City needs the fuel to keep it up and running. For this, the city relies on biodiesel. (pg. 22)
  • High Hopes for High Oleic: High oleic soybean oil was launched commercially in 2012 and approved for global use in December 2017. Since then, the oil has been a part of everything from snack foods to asphalt. (pg. 24)
  • The Last Word: Getting away with soy (pg. 27)