December 2022

December 1, 2022



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On the Cover
Trees on the Hunter Brothers Tree Farm near Chariton. Selling trees, including Christmas trees, is one way brothers Nick and Mike Hunter have further diversified their crop and livestock farm. See the story on Page 22.

Executive Insights: What excites you?
This month marks 30 years of Kirk Leeds as the chief executive officer of the Iowa Soybean Association.
Page 4

Soy positioned to grow as low-carbon fuel solution
As governments and companies set aggressive carbon emission reduction goals, those same organizations are looking to renewable diesel as a direct substitute for petroleum diesel.
Page 7

Shop Talk with Scott Sloan of Titan International
Farmers have a lot riding on a good set of tires. Proper inflation, impaction and maintenance directly impact soybean production and a farmer’s bottom line.
Page 10

President Randy Miller identifies 2023 priorities
Expanding soybean demand, farm bill priorities, input prices and profitability are just a few upcoming focuses.
Page 14

Research Center for Farming Innovation prepares for 2023 and beyond
Research trials in 2023 will have a significant focus on conservation, specifically looking into how to use cover crops as a tool for managing nutrients.
Page 18

It’s more than crops and cattle for the Hunter brothers
You would think brothers Nick and Mike Hunter would have enough to do. After all, they farm 1,500 acres of row crops.
Page 22

Iowa Soybean Research Center funds new research at ISU
The Iowa Soybean Research Center has awarded $300,000 in support of two soybean research projects at Iowa State University.
Page 24

Developing a game plan for success
ISA will show how it is “Driven to Deliver” during the upcoming Innovation to Profit Conference.
Page 26

5 Tips to Seed Selection
A successful harvest relies on careful seed selection.
Page 28

Rural Route 2: A year in review
It’s my favorite time of the year. It’s nearly Christmas time, but I’m referring to something else.
Page 31