Lucas De Bruin, Brian Fosdick and Andy Petersen

(Photo: Iowa Soybean Association / Rosie Roberts)

Determining the value of foliar fungicides

May 23, 2024

Could proactively using foliar fungicide increase your yields?  

On this episode of Pods of Potential, Research Agronomist Lucas De Bruin and ISA farmer-member Michael Fosdick share the benefits of conducting on-farm fungicide trials. Even in dry years, foliar fungicide research can help farmers determine the benefits of using fungicide and how different products perform within their fields. Learn how your check-off dollars are being used to increase to productivity and profitability of Iowa soybean farmers through research trials.

Determine the value of foliar fungicide applications on your operation through a trial with the Research Center for Farming Innovation. For more information regarding foliar fungicide trials, contact Lucas De Bruin at 515-377-0806.


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