Rolling soybean fields in Iowa

(Photo: Iowa Soybean Association / File Photo)

Xchange program connects farmers and ag suppliers

October 12, 2023 | Kriss Nelson

Matching growers in one-on-one meetings with suppliers who align with their needs and more is an opportunity available through the RowCropXchange program.

Sponsored by the American Soybean Association, RowCropXChange (RCX) brings qualified growers to the Sunshine State in January for a summit.

Growers raising more than 7,500 acres of corn and soybeans combined will meet for RCX Jan. 14-17. RCX-XTRA, for growers raising 3,500 to 7,500 acres, is scheduled for Jan. 17-19. Currently, there are only openings for the RCX meeting. Both programs will be held at The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village in Cape Coral, Florida.

“This is a great way for an owner of a large acre farm operation to talk to suppliers that can help their operation and gives growers some good information on what these suppliers are working on they should be aware of,” says RCX Director Layne Skoyen.

There are also benefits to the suppliers.

“They like to hear from these influential growers on feedback from what they would like to see them develop – sort of like a focus group,” says Skoyen.

Iowa Soybean Association farmer-member Alan Karkosh from Hudson has attended RCX twice.

“It is a great, personal opportunity to meet with companies who provide products and services to us,” says Karkosh. “It is a unique chance to spend 50 minutes with those individuals, hearing their story and, in turn, they are hearing about our operation.”

Three main objectives of RCX

Create strategic partnerships that position farmers to turn challenges into opportunities

RCX has a variety of industry suppliers representing all facets of farming, including equipment, business services, banking and investments, technology and more.

“It’s a chance for them to understand what we are working toward for them to cater what they are developing or selling to our needs,” says Karkosh.

Experience something you’ll get nowhere else

Conduct focused and strategic business discussions between senior leaders. One-on-one, and without interruptions. Skoyen adds that participating companies send their senior staff.

“It’s designed to be the owner of the farm meeting with a senior staff team member. It is a top-to-top meeting opportunity,” Skoyen says.

These relationships are valuable.

“Life is about relationships,” Karkosh says. “The program allows you to develop relationships with companies that you may not otherwise be able to have by not attending RowCropXchange.”

Meet other forward-thinking growers

There is time set aside for farmers to network, allowing time to talk about common challenges and learn from one another.

“Not only do you get to meet with companies, you get to mingle with other farmers,” says Karkosh.

For more information, email Skoyen or call 952-224-4398.